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Cocoa Mulch

Cocoa Mulches can be used for a variety of different reasons. Mulch can enhance the look of flower beds, trees, sidewalks and driveways. Mulch also helps to retain moisture in soil. Because mulch and retain large amounts of water it can be very beneficial to use mulch during droughts and when shrubs and trees are newly planted.

One advantage of using mulch is to control weeds that keep growing back year after year. Mulch helps to control erosion that develops when the soil between flowers and shrubs are bare.

Mulch controls the temperature of the soil and helps to keep plant roots cool during the summer and warm during the winter. It can also be used as a guide for your landscaper who would otherwise get to close to the trees and shrubs when mowing or using a weed eater.

If you want your landscape to have a sweet smell and stand out from all the other landscapes in your neighborhood, try using cocoa bean mulch. Cocoa bean mulch comes from the husks of cocoa beans. Because of the small particles of cocoa bean husks your landscape will have a formal look. Cocoa bean mulch stays wherever you place it no matter what the weather.

Because the hulls of cocoa bean are natural, they break down over a period of time and give your plants all the nutrients they need to produce healthy plants and flowers. Cocoa bean mulch is much nicer to look at than grass or dirt. With cocoa bean mulch you not only have a beautiful landscape but a healthy one as well.

Some of the more common ways cocoa mulch is used is around in flower beds, around trees, along sidewalks and garden paths and on the edges of lawns. Many trees and bushes that are big and thick and have long branches create a lot of shade where grass can’t grow. These are the perfect areas for cocoa mulch. You can also use cocoa mulch in places of stones or bricks to give a rich color to the area.

Try using cocoa mulch in your garden and placing it around plants and in between rows of vegetables in your vegetable patch. This greatly reduces weeds growing in between vegetables and save you countless hours of weeding. It will also make your vegetables grow larger and more healthy. Cocoa mulch is also a great fertilizer so when placing it in your vegetable garden you reduce the need for fertilizer.

Cocoa bean mulch is eco friendly and contains only cocoa and cocoa husks. So when mulching remember to place cocoa mulch in areas that need improved and fertilized. After a few weeks you will begin to see an improvement in any area where cocoa mulch was used.

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